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Before I save enough money to get a real espresso machine with a double boiler, E61 group head, rotary pump, .. I got a moka pot. It’s a classic. Thanks to Bialetti for making it in stainless steel instead of aluminum. Not sure if aluminum is really related to cancer, but I didn’t want to take that risk. Besides, stainless steel is so much better looking and easier to clean. The only caveat, not that most people would care, is that it’s hard to avoid getting your own reflection in the pot when you are taking a picture of it.

This Bialetti moka pot is very suitable for people who don’t like to read manuals, which is most of the people I know. Its manual came in Italian. Fortunately, the pot was simple enough that I figured it out without having to consult any websites or an Italian English dictionary.

A moka pot is a very simple apparatus with three chambers. To make cffe, one fills the bottom chamber with water, the middle with coffee grind, and twists the top chamber onto the bottom chamber sandwiching the filter. Place the whole thing on a stove top, 5 minutes later, the water travels through the coffee grind and condenses in the top chamber as coffee. It’s also very easy to clean. The coffee is very delicious, somewhere in between a French press and an espresso. I think I am going to be quite content for a while before I itch for that bigger chrome body again.

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3 thoughts on “coffee classico

  1. The first time I used one of these pots I didn’t realize that it’s much closer to espresso than coffee. My friend only served me a half-cup…where was the rest of my coffee?

    It *is* delicious though, and very strong if taken straight. Don’t drink the full cup if you plan on sitting still :)

  2. yay you got one too! i didnt know about these until we found one in our apt during the Rome program… and then i was converted =) yeah i think stainless is better. my first one was a bialetti aluminum one and it got a lot of residue deposits in the bottom that are wierd and i’m sure they alter the taste of the coffee to some extent.

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