frustrated with Lightroom

(left) Adobe Lightroom (right) Canon Digital Photo Professional

My trips to NYC and Miami were very satisfying and productive photographically. Normally, I would’ve finished editing them and blogging about them by now. It’s been weeks since and I still haven’t finished going through my NY trip pictures. No, it wasn’t because I was busy with work. I blame it on Adobe’s Lighroom.

I have been extremely frustrated with LR. I got it thinking it would help me organize my pictures with keywords, tags, decrease editing time (since Canon DPP doesn’t have a lot of options). Also, I could edit raw photo formats from various cameras in LR. However, the caveat, as I have found out after many agonizing hours of playing with it, is it doesn’t know the proprietary color profiles from the cameras. As you can see from the comparison above, the one on the left from LR looks like crap. Even after hand editing it, the result was very unnatural in comparison to the one from Canon’s DPP.

There are ways to calibrate LR for a specific camera using color checkers. The process is convoluted. I am not sure if it’s worth the trouble. After finally having figured out the problem was due to lack of camera calibration in LR, I decided to still use Canon’s DPP to generate JPG and then use LR for small final touches.

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