I think this would be one of the few occasions that I will ever blog about my work life. After a week of chilling in Miami and Key West, I’ve finally started my first day of work yesterday. Two days later, I am happy that I’m still here. I’m ever more impressed with the company and people that I’m working with. Not only that, I’m really happy to “discover” that I have really nice managers and colleagues. I wondered for a second why I’d get hired in the first place because the people are just so stellar. The challenges of the project are unimaginable. I could have picked a much easier job in Seattle with not too much less pay. But I realized that I’m getting so much more than just the money. The things I’m learning along the way are incredible… at least that’s how I feel. Yes, I feel a bit overwhelmed, facing a really steep hill ahead, but I am not stressed. On the contrary, I think I have a good chance succeeding. It’s a very good beginning. Just to make things more complicated, I try to work on my thesis for a couple of hours every night. I’m surprised how I actually have the mental energy to do it. Perhaps whatever I have to do during the day is making my thesis seem trivial.

This is the Francis Scott Key bridge crossing over the Potomac River connecting VA and DC. I love my morning commute to work because I drive along the woody, scenic river side just when the sun is creeping up. I am so tempted to stop and take photos at these scenic lookouts off of the George Washington Pkwy. However, it’s pretty darn scary to have to make your way back into the extremely packed and fast traffic stream. Perhaps over the weekend IF I can get up at 6am still. ahh…. I look forward to the weekend so I have more time to work on my photos from NYC and Florida.

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  1. Thanks, Kimchihead. :) Sometimes these simple words really tell me how great of a friend you are. I immediately went looking for my pepper spray after I saw your message. I hope I never have to break its virginity.

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