Missing you

It’s Sunday again. I used to dread Sundays: nothing planned, not the type to just chill and do nothing, everyone’s just home waiting for Monday to come around or goes to church. Last year sometime in the summer, I started planning fun things to do on Sundays. I no longer dread Sundays thinking I was wasting away one of the best days of the week. And at some point, a special quirky someone popped into my life on Sundays. We did a ton of fun things together, strolling the streets of Seattle, flying kites, taking pictures, getting coffee, checking out good restaurants, and watched many many beautiful glorious sunsets together. Fall came and passed, we continued our Sundays like a habit. Winter crept in. The quirks were still there. Except, unknowingly, they became adorable and they made me laugh.

On this particular Sunday, I find myself in a foreign city all alone with no particular plans. First day of work is tomorrow but I am not anxious about it. I went for my 5mile long run as usual. I enjoyed it as usual, thankful for the beautiful water that I always live so close to. I ran along the Potomac River, passing the Roosevelt Island, saw the Lincoln Monument and Washington Monument at a distance, and meandered around the Arlington Cemetery. DC is beautiful, in a perfectly manicured way.

Breathing in the sunlight, I was content with my New Year resolutions: 1) Keep it simple and focused; 2) everyday can be the start of a new year. All is well… until I find myself crying for the first time when I heard this song in my ipod: Officially Missing You.

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