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Joggling needs, style, and price tags was the theme of my life for the last week. After having finished unpacking, I’m now furnishing the still very empty apartment. Building a working office was my top priority.

Choosing a style was easy because I knew long ago that I wanted an office that’s modern, simple and functional. It’s clutter free so I can think clearly. Note, I’m not a minimalist because otherwise I’d be content with a flat table top and a chair. I prefer organized “clutter.” I only wanted to leave things out if they are pretty or get accessed a lot. Fortunately, living out of a suitcase for three weeks before leaving Seattle really helped me slim down the amount of material things I need. What’s unfortunate is the cost of living in DC is noticeably higher than Seattle. It’s turning me, someone who thought very little about money in the past, into someone that’s …. not materialistic, but perhaps more practical.

Anyways, after a lot of research, I found the perfect desk at Crate and Barrel called the Loop. I’d never thought I could afford to shop there. The more expensive desk with a beautiful glass top turned out to be less ideal for my need to hide electric wires. This cheaper desk is a “minimalist’s” dream come true. It comes with a huge sliding drawer, where I could keep my laptop, keyboard, mouse, and many other things like my external hard drive. All the electric wires are either hidden in the drawer or in a basket under the table. The desk top has nothing except for a monitor. It’s beautiful!!!

IMG_5594.jpg IMG_5595.jpg IMG_5597.jpg

One caveat about this desk is assembling it. At some point in the assembly instruction, it says, “ask another adult for help…” I chuckled and did it by myself. But I laughed too early; the very last step of sliding the drawer into the desk caught me off guard. I could lift the drawer but I couldn’t see the the sides of the drawer so I could match the grooves. I admit, I needed help. But my algorithm professor’s story of serving a slice of carrot cake by flipping it to the side first came to mind. So I lay the desk to lie on its back. So I didn’t have to really lift the drawer, and allow its weight to slide itself in once I matched the rails to the grooves in the desk. It was a struggle but I did it. I felt triumphant.

The morning before I went to purchase the desk, I asked myself how I wanted my day to be. I wanted it to be stress free and safe from having to find my way in the rain and a new town. I asked to be guided a great desk with a good price. More importantly, I wanted to make sure that I stay well afloat financially at the end of this big move. I took TV out of my shopping list because I don’t have enough money to buy the newest TV that I wanted nor do I spend enough time watching it to make it worth while.

After having spent almost four hours to build my new desk and organizing the wires, I went downstairs to toss out the boxes. Someone had left a huge 28″ TV by the dumpster with a sign that says, “Free. Works fine.” Just like that, all my wishes for the day had come true, and even more. Life has been generous and kind to me. Yeeppeee!

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