A little peace of heaven


Everyone says moving is hard, but fortunately, mine was uneventful. Actually it was better than that, I enjoyed it. I was at first a bit worried that people were reallly different on the East Coast. But after being sort of on guard for a week or so, I concluded that wasn’t the case at all. I have met nice and friendly people as well as people who tried to scam me. It’s not that different from Seattle at all. After I finished unpacking, I went to NYC for an unforgettable vacation. There is so much to say about that trip I will have to blog about it another time. For now, let me just say that people in NYC are the most friendly.

In complete contrary to last year’s Christmas, which I didn’t enjoy because of a lot of drama, I spent the Christmas by myself in my new home this year. I successfully made my first borsche, inspired by my two degree Russian connection. The beets made it blood red, which matched perfectly well with the redness of Lambic Kriek (one of my favorite Belgian cherry beer). I watched Sleepless in Seattle for the umpteenth time that night. Seeing all the familiar corners in Seattle made me smile. The ending on top of the Empire State Building reminded me of seeing it from the Rockefeller Plaza just a few days ago. As always, that perfect moment when Meg Ryan put her hand in Tom Hanks’s made me tear up.


Christmas day was warm and sunny in DC. I went for a jog in my new neighborhood and George Town in Washington across the Potomac River. I was impressed by the beauty of this city. I took some gorgeous shots of George Town and the river in sunset with the new tripod that Pierre gave me for Christmas. The tripod allowed me to hang my camera over the side of the bridge to these side by side frames for a panoramic picture. You can see the Washington monument in a distance. I was standing on the VA side of the river where you can see the tall and modern office buildings in contrast to the older colonial style buildings on the Washington side.

A friend asked me what my wish was for Christmas was, I said world peace. It sounds cheesy but that’s truly how I feel. I feel peaceful and truly wished that the rest of the world could share that. I felt bright and brilliant. I felt blessed for all the beauty in my life.

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