building a new home


Even the most avid traveler craves a comfortable home. Building a new home was my top priority the moment I got off the airplane. My new apartment is situated in downtown Arlington, next to the Court House. (The picture is a reflection of my building in the one across the street. Can you find me in the picture?) There is a small shopping center within walking distance, a Barnes and Noble, Whole Foods two blocks away, a drug store across the street, movie theater right near by. Almost everything I need is within reach, ah… I even found an excellent coffee shop called Murky Coffee when I was lost looking for my hotel on the first day here. (I’m lost here all the time actually. More fun stories about that later.)

Anyways, I’ve been going non-stop for the last four days, to build my new home and to drown myself in work, which cheers me up from missing the special ones in Seattle. The movers moved all the boxes in, I unpacked all the boxes, made a big mess, sorted out the essentials, organized them nicely, and packed away all the rest nicely. Last three weeks of living in a suitcase made me realize how little material things I needed. I want to live simply without being deprived. I left out the books I want to read, like to read. I put away tea cups I barely use once a year for a tea party. I also collected a huge box of “give away” items: things that are nice and may be more useful in someone else’s possession. Most people like to collect things, but I kept thinking with all the things I have, I don’t use most of them and I forget that I had them only after being away for 3 weeks. After days of rumbling in dust and heavy lifting, I have finally accomplished the mission.

panoramic bookshelf.jpg

I had no furniture except for my bed on day 1. Today I got a slanted bookshelf which I had seen at Clarie’s place a while back. I LOVE it, especially the dark wood that contrasts the white walls. :) It sits beautifully next to my fire place. It was the perfect size for books I access on a regular basis. I like books but I don’t understand why people collect so many, keep them around even when they don’t ever read them again. What a waste of space and all they add is clutter.

It’s hard to believe, but I’m actually settling in for real. The next mission is to explore the city. I fathom that’d take years. Getting lost in this crazy city is both nerve wrecking and fun. My friend Faye bought me a GPS today. Bye-bye to the fleeting moment of worry that I’d be lonely in a strange city. I can’t wait to see what kind of adventures I’d have in this new place and what kind of new friends I’d make.

Talking about adventures, I’d better go to bed because I’m going to NYC in another three hours. By train!


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