A new beginning…


The day has finally come for me to fly to DC after months of waiting and weeks of living in a suitcase. It took me weeks to say good bye to friends and family. I have managed to either get really drunk or sleep deprived at key farewell moments with my friends and family to feel anything. The emotions got a slow start, but reached full throttle once I was on the plane flying to DC. I promised myself to keep thinking happy thoughts before leaving Seattle so I distracted myself with taking pictures.

I happen to be sitting near the window over the left wing of the aircraft. The reflection of the wing end was gorgeous. I took pictures of it as the day went from morning to sunset. We flew over the Potomac river and landed in a beautiful sunset. One could see fleeting moments of the monuments as the plane did its convoluted air patterns over DC. It was beautiful… it reminded me of the first time flying to Seattle from China. It was a good sign for a new beginning: I liked the city at “first sight.”

IMG_4830.jpg IMG_4835.jpg IMG_4853.jpg

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One thought on “A new beginning…

  1. aww, you left already without saying goodbye at the dance studio! tsk tsk…well I’m sure you were quite busy. Hope your initial days in DC are exciting and filled with more awe and photos!

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