part 2


I haven’t been so sick in almost two years. It’s just a cold right?! Walking up to the third floor made my heart beat really hard not to mention down the street for a coffee. Everything on me hurts, even from lying down. I can’t imagine the kind of pain that a cancer patient has to endure. I kick myself for over extending myself in work and life in the past week.

I stayed home today and worked on this picture that I took of Pierre a couple of weeks ago at 49th Parallel in Vancouver, BC. He was so excited like a child to finally visit the cafe of one of his favorite roasters. His raised right brow is so goofy. Oh yeah, you can see a reflection of me in his cup!

I said good bye to Scott again last night. “Again” because we said good bye in Tango a year and a half ago before he headed out to Guatemala. I was a wimp to do it alone. So I called in help from Pierre and Karney. I thought I’d be better with more people around. Well, I bawled regardless and had to leave quickly.

I used to pride myself for being tough, leaving my dad and my friends in China to come to America. But as I get older, I become worse at saying good bye. Even though partings and deaths are just fact of life, but when that moment happens, we still find ourselves emotional. I have a feeling that this wouldn’t be the last time that I see Scott. I don’t know how it will happen with me moving to DC and him to Central America but we will meet again. Life always has its strange way of bringing good friends back together. Soul mates can always endure the separation of time and space.

I'm here

I really don’t look forward to my farewell party with my best friends on Friday. Maybe between the bottle of Rum that Scott gave me and the beers at Brouwer’s, I’ll be too intoxicated to feel anything.

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