missing sunshine


I felt like a fool when I was thrilled about a sunny day the first time I stayed in CA for a summer. If you live in Seattle, you’d be sensitized to the change of weather. Talking about the weather is not a polite conversation starter, but THE topic. It snowed for the first time last Saturday. It didn’t stick. It was followed by a long stretch of rain. Not the usual Seattle drizzle, but a real downpour that made me wonder why I don’t own an umbrella living in Seattle.

“I’m going to miss the rain.” I told my friends. No Seattlite would say that and most wouldn’t say that even if they are going to move away from the city.

I caught a bad cold in the middle of this nasty weather. Fortunately, moving was completed. The weekend was back to normal: brunch with the girls, beer at Brouwer’s with French Fries, yummy home made crepes, clubbing, movie, and dinner at parents. All seemed so normal just like any other weekend, as if I am not actually leaving in another two weeks.

I miss my apartment with glorious sunrises over the University Bridge, rowers making the only ripples on the calm water of Lake Union. … I feel truly blessed for having lived in this beautiful city for the last sixteen years. Even though there will be even more photographic moments in DC, new friends, trips to NYC, Leonida’s chocolates, I can’t seem to find the excitement I once had dreaming about the new city. What I’ll miss the most is perhaps that sweet and fragrant cup of coffee topped with a perfectly poured rosette.

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