Y’a des jours comme ca


“There is a new song that just came out, did you download it?!”

Y a des jours des jours comme ca,… ”

There are days like this, it looks gray and at any time the rain might fall. You might feel depressed, discouraged. But then there is always a rainbow after the rain.

As it got closer and closer to the end of the month, I was beginning to feel pressured to see these things go. Secretely, I wanted the people who are going to buy them to move them out for me. My parents did a good job taking care of some stuff, a couple of friends bought some stuff. Some guy kept calling me about a couple of tiny book shelves, which was beginning to feel creepy. Then today, I was faced with having to move a TV and a TV stand back to my parents place for not being able to sell them. Lots of inquirers but no one showed up to buy it. On top of that, I also needed to move a couch to my parents with no committed help.

I woke up in the morning not sure how the last day was going to play out. Fingers crossed, no matter what happens, it will be alright.And so it did, or is going alright! My friend Alan walked pass my balcony in the morning. I waved him down, or up, and he moved the couch with me down three floors to the SUV. I’m not religious but he’s god-sent. This afternoon, people are actually coming to check out the TV and I decided to just move them to my parents if no one wants them. The day is just perfect the way it is.


Actually, it’s better than just good. I went to lunch with Terry and Alan at my favorite taco truck for lunch. Alan helped me give Terry a photography 101. We managed to get some good photos out of a tiny Pentax Optio point and shoot. I think if we had more time, I might be able to convince her to get a camera with manual functions. haha….We had a great time. :)

After lunch, with all things in order, I find myself sitting in my favorite neighborhood cafe Irwin’s checking emails and getting a coffee, I had a very interesting conversation with a guy that I never got the name of. It might have been a great first date if he wasn’t married with kids and I wasn’t moving to DC. LOL. Seriously though, he happened to be the perfect person that helped me answer a few questions I needed regarding starting my own business. Absolutely unexpected and how fabulously I feel about my life has just doubled yet again.

In the evening, as I was throwing out my fish tank and a small coffee table that I never thought anyone wanted, I ran into my neighbor Jens from Germany. He asked me what I was tossing out, and immediately offered to keep the fish tank, the table for the tank, and we even went down to the dumpster to dig out the pump for the fish tank. Then he asked what else I needed t get rid of. I told him about the TV and the stand. The moment we turned it on, he said he’d take them both. What a relieve! I was just dreading about having to carry all those things downstairs myself, and see them either be thrown out or taken to my parents’ house.

There are days like this, it starts out gloomy, might look gloomy, but ends up great and all is well. Even without a drop of gin and tonic.

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