It’s amazing in this town so saturated with coffee shops, we continue to find good coffee shops popping up on a monthly if not weekly basis. And I’m not talking about Starbucks. I visited the “new” Stumptown coffee at Capitol Hill over the weekend. The moment we walked into the coffee shop, our eyes were glued to the gorgeous espresso machine facing the entrance. The whole coffee house has the same modern retro feel, which reminds me of West Elm, furnitures simple and streamlined made with a lot of oak.

IMG_4553.JPG IMG_4563.JPG IMG_4562.JPG IMG_4574.JPG IMG_4559.JPG

The high ceiling and huge windows provided space. Two long straight backed couches define the seating space. Small round coffee tables along with these screw legged wooden stools scattered in between the couches. At the far end of the coffee shop, there was some bar table and stools where a small group of art students were working on a group project. One whole wall of the coffee shop was exposed large red bricks reinforced with huge metal crosses. The two friendly baristas managed the espresso bar efficiently. I love the huge space behind the bar for them to work in. I wasn’t a huge fan of median brown wood but the place as a whole was clean and inviting. The cool and bold industrial interior is peaceful without being harsh. The presence of the customers define the liveliness of the place.


Most importantly, the coffee at Stumpdown was excellent! This Portland based roasting company has trumped many Seattle roasting houses. I had my Americano straight without cream or sugar, something I’d never do with Tully’s or Starbuck’s.


The last two weeks had been probably the most peaceful two weeks for a while now. I must attribute it to the “bedrock” in my life. I have never felt so myself, with personal strength, independence, and great friendship. I ask life why it chooses to present the situations the way it does now. It’s never easy but things that came too easily are often unappreciated. I am amazed with my capacity to sit with uncertainties, unknowns for the future and still enjoy each moment of the day gone by. In a sense, I’ve never felt so sure about my life. I often ask myself the question of where my heart is, and the same answer comes back: it’s right here with me. Someone once said, “You will find out how big your heart really is when you can keep it open.” That goes with pain as well. So I intend to keep mine open and see where the universe will take me.

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