looking inside


One of my favorite photography “subject” is eyes, people’s eyes or animals’. Eyes tell stories, emotions, thoughts that we can’t put in words or don’t want to put in words. A spark of joy, a burning desire, a burst of energy, or a vast sea of peace. Every time I catch that sparkle of light in someone eyes I feel touched by his spirit. They make me want to crawl through them as if they were windows. But perhaps it’s the mystery behind those eyes that give them so much lure.

I was taught that if you ever take a picture of a person’s face, the least you want to do is to focus on the eyes. I went back in time and dug up some pictures and put them together in a set for eyes. I am quite pleased with the black and white effect on this set, even though at times I struggled with the decision of forgoing a set of beautiful blue or green eyes. Watch the slide show.

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2 thoughts on “looking inside

  1. I went to a marvelous 3 day conference with ended with a slide show of people’s faces who were from all over the world. As one slide of a person’s face left, the other one came in with his eyes in the same place on the screen. This, along with the songs that were played created the feeling that we are one, from the same source. The whole audience was moved by the effect.

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