good company


I’m counting down the number of Sunday girl’s brunch. :( Last weekend, we visited the Boat St Cafe. The cafe was named Boat St because it was nestle in the culs-de-sac of Boat St by UW. It had a quaint little shack with tall lavenders outside. When one visited it, it gave one an additional pleasure of having found a hidden jewel. Unfortunately, I think UW must have bought that piece of land, the cafe had to move a couple of years ago. After quite sometime, Boat St Cafe found its new home last year on the border of Bell Town and Queen Anne on Western. Like the old location, you wouldn’t have expected such an adorable restaurant to be hidden there. With white linen on the tables, rustic art work on the wall, the place is cool, secluded, simple, and yet inviting. It’s when it’s filled with patrons that the place comes alive.

KMG_4532 KMG_4513 KMG_4509 KMG_4531

I have visited the new location once in the past for brunch. It was terrible because of bad company. Yes, who you eat with can often change the whole experience 180 degrees. Bad restaurant with good company can turn out great and memorable as my friends have convinced me of by going to the Spaghetti Factory. And this time at Boat St Cafe was just perfect. The service was friendly and tentative without intrusive. The food was fantastic. I can’t speak for my friends’, but my crab tart was to die for. It melted in my mouth and every bite sent me floating in heaven. The crust was buttery and flaky to the perfection of tarts without being heavy. The light crisp greens on the side was the perfect complement to the rich tart. Yummmm!

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