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I didn’t grow up a musical child. I have many traumatic memories of being embarrassed singing in front of the whole class with broken tunes as a child. But fortunately I liked dancing, not just by myself, but in front of people. Dance was my conduit to music, experiencing music with movements. At some point, I fell in love with jazz dance but I couldn’t keep the beats straight. So I took a jazz music class which not only taught me about syncopation but continued to appreciate it even long after me stopping jazz dance.

Serendipitously, I met many friends with diverse music taste this year. They have gotten me into artists like Kanye West, Angelique Kidjo, Queen, Zebda, … The latest adventure was a Malian (from Mali) pop/rock band called Tinariwen. We went to their concert in the Town Hall. The musicians played modern electric guitars dressed in Touarag costume, turban, and veil. There were about four guitar players on the stage. Their music was hip with a flavor of the desert. The electric guitars were eccentric with whining sounds that makes one twist and rock one’s body. My friends and I had a blast dancing there without a drop of alcohol. (photo set) It’s so good to party hard and not getting into trouble for a change. :)

I decided that I am not so fidget with music after all. Music is like my new found adventure, not just for the ears, but into different culture and people. So for a parting gift, I’m asking my friends to give me their top favorite songs (on a list or in a CD). They will help me expand my music experience. They will also be a new dimension of experience that I will remember my friends by.

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