Fall In


Fall in Seattle is such a glorious yet short lived season. I went for a walk in the middle of the day, (I know, work day), with Marsha at the Foster Island near the Arboretum. Walking in the woods full bloom of fall colors reminds me of that fantastic feeling of living in the moment: time slows, leaves drift off of branches like feathers, and one breathe of that moment allows me take in the whole world of beauty and serenity. We picked up these huge maple leaves along the way. I brought them home, stuck them in my glass bowl “randomly” and they instantly became my perfect center piece for the season. Don’t they just pop out like a big piece of eye candy?!


A year and a half ago, Scott quit his job to go to Guatemala after he turned 30. My ex-bf quit his job as well at 31. This year, two of my closest friends are also quitting their jobs for a break around the same age. A couple of really smart friends started asking whether their initial chosen career was right for them or not in mid-20’s. I also asked that question this year. The answer I found in myself was yes, I love what I do except I need to move from academia to industry.

Is it just me that I keep meeting people that get burned out by their jobs at their early 30’s?! Actually, these aren’t just any people, they are all my really close friends, who are high achievers, extremely intelligent, capable, and hard working people.

How did our parents’ generation hold out in one career path for decades? Are people today overworked or hard to please at a job? One thing is for sure: we can make positive career changes more frequently and more easily. I am thinking that this ability to change with so much ease is an evolution advancement in our generation!

This is how we are going to live a more fulfilled life with enriching experience. We have more freedom to choose a career of passion. Imagine each person can earn several college degrees and pursue several different career paths. Retirement at 65 is just another career change. Choosing a job is not choosing the rest of your life. hm… I LOVE this sense of freedom and abundance. Maybe for the career after the next two that I have chosen, I shall become a pastry chef and money wouldn’t be the reason for not pursuing that dream.

KMG_3827 KMG_3833 KMG_3835

My dear friends, when you find yourself questioning whether or not you should quit your current job or make career changes, I hope you won’t feel stuck. The uncertainties may be unbearable. But you are faced with an opportunity for growth and expansion. Hope you will enjoy the process of self discovery to find that passion which will bring much happiness and reward back into your life. I trust you will shine as you always do.

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