Maya’s Wednesday survey

  1. Current favorite song is Everything by Michael Buble
  2. The latest best thing I learned: Soul mates aren’t perfect and who you fall in love with isn’t necessarily who you can have a relationship with. wow… deep
  3. #1 deal breaker: A teeth-licking kiss! I still can’t believe P. licked a girl’s teeth for the sake of testing out whether he could date someone with bad teeth. Glad I’m NOT his girl. LOL
  4. #1 deal maker: Genuine sweetness!
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6 thoughts on “Maya’s Wednesday survey

  1. i’m glad you’re having these revalations…especially #2. Though, #3 makes for a great dating nightmare story doesn’t it? LOL. I still crack up every time I think about you and the toothlicker.

  2. I’m sure “P.”, whoever he is, barely touched her teeth and didn’t really have to “lick” them to figure things out :)

  3. LOL!!! Too bad, Tierre. A really pretty girl just told a friend of mine that she thinks P. is cute. I am going to see if he’s interested and introduce them. :p

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