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2007 Dawg Dash-fd0005

It took me a really long time to recover from pains in the shins from ballet in the summer. And then while trying to avoid using shins, I over used my calves from running. Finally, after almost half a year of haphazard work outs and dance classes, I am back on the trail again… very slowly and gently. I don’t so much care for performance at this point so long I can be out doors and RUNNING! It’s fun and I love it. My runs are like my dates with the road, the wind, and the trees.

The comfort of leisure running has made me dislike races. The first race I ran was the Dawg Dash in 2004. Damian was really ill then. I don’t know how he found the energy to write an email to me encouraging me to run the race. And that was just typical and consistent of Damian in everyone’s life: enthusiastic, passionate about life and friendship, loved running and many other sports, and very caring of everyone around him. Unfortunately, he passed away before the race started in the fall that year. I created Team Damian for students from the program to run the race in memory of Damian. Damian’s wife joined us that year. Raven made Hawaiian ribbons for everyone and people wore Hawaiian shirts because that was Damian’s favorite. Even though the people that knew Damian in the program are moving on, the tradition will continue on. Three years later, a bunch of BHI students still ran the Dawg Dash in memory of him last Sunday.

I ran in the 5K. It was really challenging because almost half of the race was a huge uphill, and the second half was the downhill. My left shin started hurting really bad at the 2 mi mark. I was forced to stop and stretch. But I finished the race running as fast as I could and feeling absolutely fantastic!! Time, 26:55, ~3 minutes slower than three years ago. Ouch! Well, at least I enjoyed the race a lot more than ever. As usual, I thought of all the real life superheros when I ran, people like Damian and Micki.

Maya l'Abeille KMG_0904

Pierre came to take pictures of the race and me. I was so excited because he’s got tons of fun lenses. Including the wide angle that made my legs look really lean and long. :) I really like the couple of pictures I took for him as well. Fun fun fun!! Now I know how uncomfortable it can be to stand in front of a huge camera lens Subconsciously, I was inspired by Clarie to make that funny face. Of course, my missing tooth took away the meanness.

I am having way TOO much fun!! “Life is Grand!”

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