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It’s finally here: the new member to the blue mini family. Since the arrival of Marco, there have been quite a few unintentional additions to the electric blue family: roller blades, sea gull kite, and now, the iPod Nano. I have to say good-bye to my old iPod soon when I leave school. You should see me getting out of my car in my marmot jacket that’s the same color. Don’t think there is a need for family planning or population control yet. I’m really happy with the new version of iPod Nano: the form factor, the UI, the graphics, and the “addition” of a stop watch. The stop watch will be so useful when I go running and when I take star trail pictures. If you get your nano from the apple online store, you can have a personalized inscription on the back. Mine says:

Living Full — Living True

A friend in a new relationship asked how I was doing since we haven’t seen each other for a couple of weeks. It’s unusual because we used to see each other several times a week. hahhaa…. I realized that people often say you shouldn’t forget your girl friends when you are dating. But I never hold them to it because I know how consuming dating can be. I said, “good.” She said, “Anything happened lately?” I said, “Nope…. oh wait… yeah, I just discovered how yummy soy chai is and I’m dangerously addicted only after three days!” Not that I wanted to lie to her or anything, seriously, nothing, no drama, happened lately. That kind of peace and happiness is exactly what I’ve been working really hard for. I’m really proud of it.

I’ve been coding and writing novelets lately. I must admit that I have the tendency to indulge in some of my hobbies for more time than I can afford. But for the most part, I’m finally getting how great it is to work on something that’s not perfect but refine it over time. The process is very pleasurable. I can see myself falling into the trap of over-perfecting my project or writing though.

I’m also getting a jump start of my 2008 new year resolution, which is to learn more about the Chinese culture and American culture. I am going to read more Chinese and English books for sure. Reading works well for me, something I can engage and enjoy for extended period of time. I can’t do that with watching TV though. I haven’t really watched TV for almost 2 years, since I stopped dreaming about med school and stopped watching ER every Thursday night. On Monday, I planted myself in front of the TV to watch the Journeyman, but the commercial breaks drove me nuts. So I’d go do something on the computer and forget to come back. I did manage to get most of the beginning and the end. I love the show, it’s got adventure, intriguing story line, good looking actors, and romance; important ingredients for a good show. It’s about an everyday-Joe with domestic problems that is discovering his superhero power which allows him to travel through time to help people. I might watch more of it. Then I completely missed Bionic Woman and Life because they were shown on Wednesday instead of Thursday. You’d think a big head like mine should handle little things like that. So my conclusion is that watching TV is really hard. I shall resume that practice after my thesis since it requires so much effort.

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