My favorite color is the blue of the Seattle sky on a sunny day. Now that Fall is here, the sky if more overcast than not. Someone asked me if I liked the gray skies. I thought, actually, I like them because they make the blue skies just so much magnificent. But of course, you can easily solve the problem by riding in a car with that same color every day. Make no mistake. This is not a screen shot from the movie The Italian Job. It’s my Marco, looking glam like a movie star.

This week, my favorite online photo editor site,, has finally released the whole suite of premium features. For comparison, here is the original picture. (By the way, this was taken around sunset on a nice day.) Here are all the editing I did on the picture using crop, color balance (increased the temperature), boost, spot B&W (turned everything except the car to black and white), spot soften, mosaic out the license plate, and finally cinema effect (which turned the B&W background sepia, increased contrast, grainier image, and cinema border). Out of the 7 steps, the last four are part of the premium package.


For the last several months, I’ve edited numerous pictures on my Flickr (tagged Picnik) with the program. The basic features are free. You can try the premium features for free for the week, but you can also continue using them for a little cost of $24.98 per year. It’s quite worth the price in my opinion. I haven’t the need to use a desktop photo editor like PhotoShop for quite a while now. Of course, I’d be absolutely stoked if they ever add the history and recipe function.

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