going nuts about childhood animes

My changing name to Maya has started a couple of conversations about the anime I first heard the name from, Maya the Bee. The anime was based on a German children’s story from the early 1900s. (note, Maya means industrious in German.) The story is about an adventurous bee Maya and her brother Willie learning to become good worker bees. (I’m not going to get into the moral “values” behind it. It’s obvious enough that only the kids that grew up in Europe or China would have seen it.) I used to loooove the anime. Just the opening credit music brings back lots of fond memories. And yes, we all used to cry when Maya was sad. :) Here’s the opening credit of Maya the Bee, or Maya L’Abeille

I started an escapade of childhood animes after Maya the Bee on YouTube. I saw all these before school age. (And yes, I used to be a TV child even though I don’t watch much of it nowadays.) I warn you, this is a long blog. I’d love to hear from you if you’ve seen any one of them.

Remi san famille was another one of my favorite. It was only shown on Sunday mornings. I remember asking my parents to leave me home by myself to watch it when they went to the amusement park. It was a really inspiring story about a boy without a family. He adventured around with this old guy and a monkey, learning tricks, making money along the way, hoping to find his family.

Astro boy. I didn’t get to see much of Astro boy the little robot because I was still a baby. I only remember watching it in black and white. But I had a air blown astro boy that was my height. I loved it because that was my only toy, but unfortunately it quickly got an air leak on a trip to Guilin. :( I didn’t realize this was French, hence not many American kids knew about it.

Oh, here’s Les Minipouces, another fun story about a family of these small creatures.

And of course, finally, everyone here knows the Smurfs. I think I was definitely much older when I saw it.

Last but not the lease, Flower Girl Lulu. It was an adventure story of a girl named Lulu looking for a seven-colored flower with two talking cats. This was another one of my all time favorites. Maybe it had more influence on me relating to a girl who was adventurous and determined. I saw the Japanese version, but I believe it might have been in French.

I was really surprised that I’ve grown up with so many French animation. They are after all the first leaders of anime creation, before the Japanese took the idea and made it much better. Here is my favorite childhood Japanese anime. I was crazy about this one. Ikkusan, story of a very little Japanese monk that was noble and very very smart. The fun part of the show was when Ikkusan sat down with his legs together to think. He’d always come up with some smart solution to some problem in each episode.

Looking back, everyone of the animes had some positive influence on me growing up: industrious, compassionate, love for friends and family, adventurous, intelligent, perseverance, bravery, beauty, creative, kind… I’ve seen many more animes later in my life. These still have a tender spot in my heart. What a nice trip down memory lane all thanks to Maya the Bee.

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3 thoughts on “going nuts about childhood animes

  1. Star Blazers is a classic. I only saw a couple episodes because I think it’s a bit older than me. heheheh…. Yes, call me the way you’ve always called me. Nothing is changed if not for the better.

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