Springing over fall and winter into 2008

ralph lauren spring 2008 fashion runway video screen shot

Feeling under the weather today and stayed home to sleep. I meant real sleep, over 14 hours. Anyways, still feeling queasy afterwards, I decided to catch up on my reading of the NYT Frankfurt Motor Show column. However, a Ralph Lauren ad on the side caught my eye.

I have never been into fashion. Reason one, I like a certain look, clean, cute, elegant, … ageless and classic. What’s in fashion for the season isn’t necessarily what I appreciate before it goes out again. Reason two, I’ve never paid attention to fashion. Not that I wasn’t interested; I’ve just been spending my time doing other things like … geeking out over the new mini coopers.

The Ralph Lauren 2008 spring collection is actually intriguing. It’s bringing back fashion concept from the early 1900’s, from Coco Chanel, the flapper girl period. I love this shimmering long dress with an elegant criss cross on the back. And oh yes, those wide brim hats are so sensuous. Why don’t women wear nice big hats any more? (They don’t fit in a mini cooper, and definitely not a McLaren.) Looking at the design makes me think that perhaps I do belong to the 1920’s. The guys from that period are so handsome, well dressed and well mannered. On a side note, some of the fashion shots posted on the RL site are really good.

How much does the dress cost? I don’t know. But just an idea, one of the coats that I like from the RL 2007 fall collection is priced around $2,500. Well, let’s see… Do I want the coat with months of anorexia or that Apple 30″ cinema monitor for working on my photos?! Not a hard call to make.

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