try some variations

I’m starting a series of blogs on photography tips that I learned over the years for friends of mine. I don’t think they are really going to be in any order of importance. So the first one is simply on trying some simple variations. There are a lot of things you can consider and play with while taking a photograph. Hopefully it makes your pictures more interesting. Most of the time you probably do it naturally already, but it helps to give it a thought. :)

KMG_3482 KMG_3483

1) Varying light. These trees stood with bright afternoon sun to the back. The first picture is properly balanced but the trees look somewhat shaded. So I stepped down on the shutter speed, overexposed the water, in order to get the trees brighter and popping right out.

KMG_3478 KMG_3480

2) Varying focus. Alright, I admit, this is a very exaggerated example of  the idea. But hey, look how both pictures can be interesting.

KMG_3487 KMG_3488

3) Varying orientation. It’s funny because when I took the portrait (right) shot, I liked it a lot. But when I came home to look at the pictures, I ended up liking the landscape (left) better.

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