I’m a laggard

Apple iPhone Screenshot

Everett Rogers, author of the theory of Innovation Diffusion, categorized innovation adopters into five categories:

  • innovators – venturesome, educated, multiple info sources, greater propensity to take risk
  • early adopters – social leaders, popular, educated
  • early majority – deliberate, many informal social contacts
  • late majority – skeptical, traditional, lower socio-economic status
  • laggards – neighbors and friends are main info sources, fear of debt

I always thought of myself as an early adopter, at least in adopting the ideas of new technology even if I couldn’t afford or have use of it. Occasionally, I might be the an innovator. But lately, when the iPhone came out, I realized that I am actually one of the laggards or late majority. When Apple lowered $200 from the iPhone only after 2 months of its release, I was secretly happy that I’m a laggard.

I’ve been watching the development of new age phones for the last year. I looooved the new ideas and design. I loved the idea of a multi-touch screen in general. But when the iPhone came out, I was skeptical. Not that it’s not a great product, but my gut feeling said “not yet.” Alright, the gut feeling were justified with good reasons. It didn’t fit my techno-minimalist vision. I was waiting for Apple to make improvements, waiting for its next generation iPhone. (Having been in software development, I expected Apple to come up with a quick second iteration. )

So what kind of phone do I want? I want a phone that doesn’t have so many bells and whistles. Sleek, small in the size of a credit card, stylist, fits in a wallet or back pocket of a girl’s jeans. More importantly, it should work as my credit card, bank card, gym membership card, grocery store card, office key card, insurance card, driver’s license, and apartment key. Oh ladies, how about a vanity mirror for touching up your lipstick. It uses voice or finger prints to authenticate it. No need to type text messages or emails, just let me talk to it.

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