“girl’s” brunch at Cafe Nola


Over the Labor Day weekend, I went to Cafe Nola with two of my best girlfriends, their respective significant others, and my apparently invisible SO that I didn’t know about. Cafe Nola is in Winslow on Bainbridge Island, a short 15 minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle crossing Elliot Bay.

KMG_3288 KMG_3289 KMG_3290
(I love Erik and Clarie’s non-candid candid shots.)

My only memory of Winslow was of my one time experience of sailing there on a typical Seattle dreary winter weekend, not much was going on. This time, however, I finally got a chance to see what it’s all about. I wouldn’t say it’s quaint like Poulsbo. Winslow is charming. It’s got plenty of little boutique shops, home decor shops, small restaurants, bakeries etc to keep “tourists” like us fascinated. Well, let me fast forward to Cafe Nola.

KMG_3315 KMG_3316 KMG_3325 KMG_3326 KMG_3327 KMG_3329

We got there right before the lunch crowd. The restaurant’s simple decor was typical of NW, modern new American but warm. The brunch menu was well rounded, from light affairs like salads to decadent items like steak and eggs. Everything got a bit of a twist from their related cousins, making them irresistible. I am not sure if it was all organic but the food was made with fresh ingredients, leaving us a sense well being. Their signature brunch dishes are the French toast made with Chalah and Crab melt. None of us dared to order the French toast. But our eyes lingered on every French toast plate that came out of the kitchen and only felt momentarily satisfied when they landed on someone else’s table. We thoroughly enjoyed our food and had a great time there.

KMG_3312 KMG_3314 KMG_3335 KMG_3347 KMG_3350 KMG_3357

Afterwards, we continued to wonder around town. Clarie and I spent a long time in a kitchen store, looking at Cordon Bleu bowls. We also visited Mora Ice Cream and a couple of really nice clothing stores. We ended the trip around mid afternoon, riding the ferry back while brainstorming Halloween costume ideas. (yes, summer is almost over. It’s almost Halloween.) The ferry ride back to Seattle had always been my favorite, especially at night. I managed to get a couple of fairly good panoramic pictures. Quite pleased with myself.

KMG_3366 KMG_3401 KMG_3418 dt_horizontal_pan3_crop

This was perhaps by far the most glorious summer I can remember about the city. The trip left me even more confirmed that I’m a Seattle-addict. However, there is growing gut feeling that the city is saying good-bye to me long before my departure. I am also taking time to say my farewells. I no longer feel anxious about moving to DC even though I don’t really know anyone there, nor do I know where I’m staying. I will miss my friends and family but my heart is ready to move on to greater ventures that await me on the other side of the coast.

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2 thoughts on ““girl’s” brunch at Cafe Nola

  1. Awww…. I know what you mean. I am going to miss it very much too. I still think Seattle has the most beautiful blue sky. but sh….. It’s better that the rest of the world doesn’t know. :)

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