Last weekend at a wedding, I saw for the first time a digital photo booth called usnaps. Why do I love it so much? Because this is a great innovation that fixed a lot of problems from the traditional photo booth, or purikura . Modified it and improved it such that it fits the needs of modern time. The photo quality was surprisingly great and made some key improvements to the user experience. People are in general really really finicky about trying something “new”. Usnaps certainly gave everyone a great time, including the 80 year old grandma at the wedding. It didn’t take quarters, It might have been because it was rented for the whole wedding or free because usnaps ceo is a friend. People aren’t cramped in a boxy photo booth any more. They get plenty of space in front of the camera to do whatever pose, goofy things, and fit lots of people. There were no confusing menu that walk you through all the options. You pick up the remote, step in front of the camera, and shoot. People at the wedding were taking pictures like crazy at the booth. They became more and more fun and creative as the night wore on, and as people got more drunk. At the end, You don’t walk away with a little picture stickers which might be crumpled or lost or have almost no reuse value. You can view your pictures at the comfort of your home computer, download them from, and order prints from 4×6″ up to size 8×12″. These booths can be rented for events, but I’d love to see them around the world. There is more on how it works on their website.

One thought I walked away from the whole experience wasn’t just a technology innovation, but the thought or observation about people and their experience in front of a camera. I love taking picture of people in general. They are so full of surprises and variations that you can never get bored. While most people are embarrassed about their pictures taken or have a camera pointed at them, but most people also love to see pictures of themselves. So are we all narcissistic in denial?
Imagine if the usnaps booth is an actual photographer that stands there full time taking shots just like the booth, what difference would that have made? The pictures wouldn’t have been as fun for sure. Most people are really shy about “posing” in front of an actual photographer. As a “photographer,” how do I make myself disappear when taking pictures of people?

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