Aquarius shines brightly through lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipse August 28, 2007, 2:08am – 2:50am, shot over Lake Union from the University District, Seattle.eclipse1

I ran out of space and had to move the camera for the second sequence… bad planning.

eclipse 3

11:41pm Food coma… wondering how I am going to stay up until 230am to watch the lunar eclipse. urh… even coffee is not helping.

11:42pm I want to go to bed and dream about my favorite guy who ever he is and where ever he may be11:45pm watching cat herders on YouTube

11:47pm Thinking … What a surprise!12:15am What’s meant to be will be.

12:25am Back to watching YouTube, Lucie Silvas’s Forget Me Not while drinking coffee.12:55am Brushed my teeth and got into PJs. Could sleep even with all that caffeine1:55am Jerked awake to the sound of my second alarm, peeked out the window and there it is! The eclipse already started.

2:08am Camera set on tripod and remote control. I realized that the fun part of the eclipse is actually the part where the moon is disappearing (or appearing) into the penumbra.

3:37am Official mid-eclipse time. The moon is a dark orb in the sky. Had taken over 50 photos. I could now recognize Neptune. I knew the moon passed through Aquarius, but I still couldn’t piece together the whole constellation. I feel like the stars behind the moon sometimes. I didn’t know I was still really bright until the Moon went away.

4:20am Made a movie of the lunar eclipse, but had trouble uploading it to google video. But at least got some moon trail pictures. And Seattle is as beautiful as ever. Feeling more sentiment about leaving.



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