Normal I am


A quote spoke to my heart:

Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting. –Anonymous

I don’t know a whole lot about how the world works. And most of the time, I realized that I do things differently just to be rebellious. If you ask my friend Marsha, she’d tell you that I’m quirky and psychotic. She meant it in a funny and loving way. I often ask my friends for advices out of curiosity, just how do normal people think? And interestingly, when my friends give me advices, they always preface them with, “I know you are not going to do what I’m about to tell you…”

I suspect that the world is filled with plenty of people that are out of the ordinary, the non-norms. Unfortunately, most of us seem to think that we are normal and only want to see the norm. I am guilty of it especially in dating.

Is there such thing as normal in every social situation? The non-norms either self eliminated themselves or have been forced to live in the underground-world. If we were all normal, have we finished living? What’s there to create? What is there to laugh about? What’s there to cherish?

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