three golden eggs


There is so much to say but yet nothing seemed significant enough to occupy my current state of mind. It wouldn’t be accurate to say what happened recently were insignificant. However, right at this very moment, it certainly feels like that calm sea after a storm; I have no interest in looking back, nor looking forward. Just like what the Indians say, “It’s peaceful.”

The chilly evening wind and over cast sky are hinting the end of the summer in Seattle. After a night of drinking with abandonment, it’s time to detox again, both physically and emotionally. (Perhaps I shouldn’t have heeded a friend’s advice to drink more on a regular basis so I can build up more alcohol tolerance.) While most of my friends crave for greasy comfort food after heavy drinking, I naturally crave for something on the lighter end.

Today, I turned down what could have been the most romantic dinner anyone could have made for me. And then I decided to not let the night go by in disappointment by cooking something nice in my own kitchen. I learned this dish from Patrick. It’s called three steamed eggs. But since he speaks Cantonese and learned Mandarin only after marrying my mom, I heard him say three golden eggs the first time he made it for me. So that name is now an insider’s joke in the family. It is surprisingly easy to make, high protein, low fat and low carbs.

The dish resembles a lasagna. It has three layers with a thin layer of tofu on the bottom, a thin layer of sliced thousand year eggs in the middle, and a layer of egg custard on top. The three layers are steamed in simmering water until the egg custard is set and seals the three layers together. It’s served with a Chinese tomato meat sauce on the top, which has got my own twist to it. I used healthy lean ground turkey. (I don’t know of any Chinese turkey dishes. However, I certainly have many vivid memories of being chased by huge tall turkeys on my way home from school in Nanning.)

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2 thoughts on “three golden eggs

  1. Oh, thank you, RJ. It’s really easy but I don’t cook Chinese food with any recipes. I should just explain it to you next time in dance. It’s really simple and straight forward. :)

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