celestial beauty


This is the time of the year when the two constellations Lyra and Cygnus come really close together in the sky. In Chinese mythology, Lyra and Cygnus are two lovers that got separated by the Milky Way. The two of them meet up once a year on July 7 of the Lunar calendar. Hence, July 7th is also the Chinese Valentine’s Day. I don’t know much about astronomy nor do I think I’ll ever get geeky enough to understand the ins and outs of the most modern up-to-date black hole theory. But there is always going to be something ethereal and mysterious about a night sky filled with bright stars that intrigues me. Every sighting of a meteor still makes my heart miss a skip.

It was too late to drive out of the city but Golden Garden Park turned out to be almost good enough for some star trail photography practice. Just be aware of frequent airplanes flying by. I tried it with sequential exposures this time. This particular picture was composed of four exposures, with each a 4 minute exposure at F8, ISO 100. It was interesting that a train went by in exposure 3. The night sky was actually quite reddish from the city lights but I tinted it deep blue. I finally got rid of wiggly trails with my little handy dandy remote control. It’s so sweet. I’m ready for a real star trail adventure in the mountains with better a planned location, no light pollution, shorter individual exposure time and shorter exposure gaps to eliminate breaks in the trails.

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