Treasure Hunt


I’m working on my security clearance for working at Mitre. It turned out to be a real pain because I couldn’t find my naturalization certificate. But in the process of the search, I found tons of good memories at my parents’ house. There was my high school year book, boxes of cards and correspondance with friends, dance competition trophy that I had to pay for which ended up completely fallen apart, beautiful Chinese stamp sets, high school and college diplomas, years and years of dance performance programs, mega speed reading course tapes which apparently never got played, and, of course, box after box of photographs. I love the pictures. Some of them were from way back in the days when I was really bad at using my manual canon F1. But then I also saw lots of pitures I’d be absolutely proud of that I have taken even today. I left most the pictures back at parents’, but I sneaked this one out. It’s Marsha and Clarie from a post-performance picnic by the Lake Washington Spectrum Studio. This must have been, oh, 9 years ago? Wow… Marsha was probably still in high school! Good times and great friends!

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3 thoughts on “Treasure Hunt

  1. i look funny! lol, oh well…guess can’t look great all the time right? (i’m joking by the way) I miss those days, dance was so much fun. I was under the false impression that I was actually good

  2. You looked adorable!! And please you were really good. It’s hard to see that yourself and that’s what friends are for.

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