Beauty is a double-edged sword

A good summer is marked by sweet peas from Mom’s garden and WA cherries. I’ve been getting lots of TLC from Mom lately. :)


Actually, what’s on my mind right now is not food. A really nice friend wrote me something over the weekend that inspired a lot of thoughts. I loved what he said and I hope he won’t mind me sharing it on my blog:

Beauty is a double edged sword. Sure it gets lots of people interested but rarely for the right reasons. Even if the person honestly believes that he has good intentions he can’t help but put you on a pedestal too quickly. So in the end, you feel that no one made an effort to get to know the real you and it does get a bit lonely. Fortunately I am not pretty enough to have this problem. — L.T.

I immediately sent it to my beautiful girlfriend who’s often concerned about her look. I never thought of myself as beautiful nor do I worry much about my looks. There is not much I want to change about the way I look. However, I care a lot about being smart. I know! My friends think I’m crazy to be worried about that. That insecurity has made me competitive especially with my ex-boyfriends. Since I really like smart guys, I always felt like I needed to prove to them that I was smart, too. I always wanted to be the one that was right, that could do better. Intelligence is my double edged sword. I finally began to understand recently that the last thing I really wanted was to make the guy feel bad about himself. Love should be mutual admiration and respect for each other’s beauty and intelligence.

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