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I was feeling really depressed last week so I jumped at the first chance when Pierre invited me to go boating with him and his friends, Rob and Karney to the Blake Island. I’ve gone sailing there in the past a bunch of times but never motor boating. We left on Saturday late evening and arrived at the Island right before sunset. How amazing, a trip that used to take almost a whole day to sail from the WAC, took less than an hour. It turned out that everyone on board was a photo nut so we had a great time snapping pictures. We had a great time chatting past midnight and drinking beers on the boat.

That night, I slept on the floor of the cabin. We didn’t have a cover for the cabin so I could see the stars and feel the gentle summer breeze. Well, it sounded all great, but my butt hurt a lot no matter which way I lay, on my back, on my sides or my stomach. /sigh/ It sucks to be a girl when it comes to sleeping on a hard surface. We sailed back on Sunday and had a great time just chatting and going through the locks. I got really red sitting in the sun, too.

KMG_2523 KMG_2525 KMG_2534

One question that I asked everyone on the trip was how do you become content with what you have. I had just signed my offer to my new job that day. It’s an awesome job in terms what I’ll get to do and what I will be making. It’s plenty for a single girl, but I wonder how people can raise a family with that kind of money. It makes me wonder if everyone has a dream to become a millionaire in this land of opportunities. What about those people that are content even though they don’t make much money. How do they do that?!!

It’s great to be away from the city every now and then. If I had stayed home, I’d be moping the whole time. Going away, even though just half an hour of boat ride outside of Seattle gave me a chance to step out of my life and look back in. I had a chance to clear the clutters on my mind, recenter, reevaluate whether I am authentically true to who i am, and be happy again. I also learned some important lessons. To be ambitious doesn’t necessarily mean the same as being ambitious with money. Also, it’s possible for someone to be both ambitious and content with his life at the same time. I’m wondering, is becoming a millionaire really that hard? Well, according to Pierre according to Bruce Jones, you need at least 8 million.

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