what you choose to remember

peace in the forest

I bit the bullet and bought PTGui to stitch my panoramic forest picture together. The result is awesome but I don’t think it’s good enough to print. (click on the image to see full size. ) This is definitely improvement from my previous attempt using Photoshop doing it manually. The important point is that I got to preserve a beautiful memory in picture.

I finally got to see Ice Age 2 over the weekend. It was a funny animated film that lots of little nuances I could relate to. Aside from all the humorous scenes, I especially liked the segment when the three-toed sloth got carried away in his dream by a tribe of mini sloths. He woke up and found that he was worshiped by thousands of mini sloths. That made me so happy until the mini sloths sacrificed him as the fire king. He barely escaped and when he returned to his friends, he couldn’t wait to tell them about how happy he was being worshiped, granted he was almost killed, but the important thing was he was worshiped. It’s so great to focus on the good memories and disregard the bad parts. What happened to you isn’t who you are as a person.

Today, a really good friend of mine just ended a LTR. At moments like these, not only do you feel sad, you also feel ashamed and embarrassed. I’m speaking from my personal experience. The sad thing was that I felt terrible about myself, almost to the point of debilitating. Over the course of a year after that, I grieved and grew and expanded to understand the important principle of what happens to you isn’t who you are. However, I couldn’t help but feel sentimental for the memory of those glorious years, definitely not the depressing years that follow though.

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