photographic week


Haven’t posted anything for days because I’ve been very busy taking pictures since fourth of July, ~250 of baby Chloe’s first birthday party. It was a bit excessive but there were lots of cute babies at the party. They were so adorable I just couldn’t leave anyone out. Chloe was really happy and showered with lots of attention and love from her mom. Thank goodness that Alice was so good with Chloe because I wouldn’t have known how to make her smile for all the great pictures. That day, we observed a Korean tradition for a baby’s first birthday. Chloe was to pick one item out of five from a table. The five items are dollar bill for wealth, a pencil for knowledge, a thread for longevity, a golf ball for ?, and a computer mouse for ?? The last two items were added by her dad and grandma last minute. Anyways, after a very long 5 minute “consideration,” Chloe picked the golf ball. hehe… she’s going to be a golfer growing up like Tiger Woods.

In the evening of the fourth, my friends and I watched the fireworks from my balcony. The view was awesome. I wished my tripod was steadier. It shakes just from people walking on the balcony or me pressing the shutter. So you can see the wiggles in the fireworks trails. What was neat was that the Space Needle happened to be right in the background from where we were.


The weekend was actually a lot of fun but I didn’t take any pictures. :p I did manage a couple of great shots from the airplane passing Mt Rainier and surrounding area. One of the greatest things about flying is to see things from a perspective that we don’t normally get to see. It gives me a sense of freedom and space to think.


KMG_2484 KMG_2473 KMG_2501

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