I am the worst beer drinker because I have a hang over after 2. I’m the worst coffee drinker because drinking 2 cups a day is mandatory. So this weekend, I set a goal to get detoxed from both beverages. So far, I haven’t experienced any headaches, just feeling extremely groggy most of the time. Frankly, I felt dumber, slower and less motivated. No wonder people who are addicted to either chemicals keep drinking just to feel normal.

I have been working on these birthday cards photos for a while. They are absolutely adorable, but they are the hardest set I’ve ever done thus far. After having failed to get good shots outdoors a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d try them with some Trophy cupcakes and a picture of the birthday girl in a frame. Unfortunately, the table top was off-white and the shop used tungsten lamps, the photos didn’t turn out quite right. I’m getting really close to the look I had in mind though. Getting mini cupcakes made me happy!!!

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