DC is hot, and it’s where I’m going.

It couldn’t have been a more perfect (or hotter) weekend in DC. Lots of little adventures and lots of good news to talk about. I can still feel the jitter of the excitement. I wondered around Washington with Fay on Saturday all day. It was of course not enough time to catch up with each other. We had a great time getting lost in the National Arboretum, “hitch-hiking,” shopping, and wonder aimlessly in the streets of George Town. A word of wisdom, do not visit the arboretum in the summer. It’s not very exciting. It should be much better in the spring when the azaleas and dog woods are in full bloom. Another word of wisdom, do go there with a car in case you miss the last bus like we did. We were lucky enough to have finally run into a very nice Puerto Rican family from Baltimore that gave us a ride all the way back to the Union Station where we started. Oh wait.. one last one, do start early if you are visiting DC because lots of things close early, museum, shops, especially my favorite chocolate store Leonidas.
KMG_1601 KMG_1633 KMG_1678 KMG_1701 KMG_1692 KMG_1715

On Sunday, I walked a really “long way” across highway 123 from Tysons I mall to Tysons II. I met a very nice and cute tour guide that drove me on the scenic George Washington Parkway, took me to Alexandria under insanely hot sun. However, it was fun walking in the brown stone sidewalks, watching Harleys and old antique cars vroom by at 10mph, browsing through small quaint art shops. Then we hiked around the Theodore Roosevelt Island that sits in the middle of the Potomac River. I wore my high heel sandals walking on unpaved trails, ended up with these gigantic blister on the bottom of my feet. It was all so worth it though. :)


KMG_1723 KMG_1752 KMG_1735

Sunday was magical. There is just so much more to it than I can put in words here. I am beginning to like the idea of relocating to McLean very much. My interview on Monday at Mitre went super well. I started the morning talking to the department head who read my mind the moment I walked into his office. He bought me the much needed coffee. I immediately liked the guy. Not only did he seem like a good boss, I kept hearing comments through out the day from his team members raving about him. I met three other engineers and had lunch with the associate department director. I had expected a grueling experience, but it was nothing like that at all. I just sat back and learned a ton of really cool projects that were going on in the group. And people told me about their life and how happy they are with their jobs. Since it was my second interview, I have heard very consistent things that almost 20 people have raved about the company: flexibility of projects, ideas, working with smart people, on-going education program, good bosses, etc. This was more than what I was looking for initially (which were working on projects of my interest, stability, and location.) And now I can believe why everyone was so happy working there. Long story short, after flying home, while I was still composing my thank you note to the department head. He popped a short note to me with an unofficial job offer. Relocating to DC is no longer just a dream any more. :) It’s strange how life happens, everything you’ve worked so hard for turned out exactly the way you dreamed.

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2 thoughts on “DC is hot, and it’s where I’m going.

  1. I am glad for you! It seems like that your trip was very interesting since I have always wanted to go DC on a tour not live or work there, but I am glad that you got an unoffical job offer for the job that you wanted. After I get out of school, I hope I have the same success in more ways than one!

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