Minburg and Miniburgers


In lieu of going to some casino on Bainbridge last Friday night for Marsha’s company event, we ended up spending it in town. After some 40 minutes wait, we finally got to have the famous miniburgers at Cascadia. It was yummy but the restaurant mini cooper got me more excited. Its license plate says “MINBURG”, the roof is a picture of a stack of mini burgers. I took pictures of our reflection in the shiny chrome of the rear bumper. It’s such a classic beauty.

KMG_1455 KMG_1456 KMG_1487 KMG_1488 KMG_1496 KMG_1497

After the miniburgers and a basket of calamari, we walked around Pike Place Market looking for dessert. We found ourselves drawn to some African/Ethiopian restaurant pouring out aroma of spices. These three were just mesmerized by the display dishes sitting out in the street. So funny… we just had dinner! Actually, Erik was just being goofy. Clarie’s looking at the menu. Marsha is probably the one that’s staring at the food.


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