I *heart* pigs


Meet the Lost in Time Swine on 5th and Union. It’s one of the pigs of the Seattle Pigs on Parade. It’s dressed in lots of gold and silver blings from snout to tail, including clocks, watches, telephone, old baking utensils, kitchen tools, … It wears a golden crown on its head. One side of the pig says “a little time for laughter.
KMG_1357 KMG_1354 KMG_1361 KMG_1368 KMG_1369

Chef Sear’s Market Fresh Veggies and Pork in front of the restaurant Cascadia in Belltown. This pig has all types of coloful vegetables, starting with truffles in the nose. Of course, pigs are the best truffle hunters. I like the little details like ants climbing up one of his legs.

KMG_1483 KMG_1485

Pigathon in the Post Alley inspires Erik and Marsha to flex some muscles. The head band is really not my thing. But I love the iPIG strapped to the “arm.”

KMG_1503 KMG_1502 KMG_1504

Heart of Goldsits proudly on the roof of the entrance to the Pike Place Market.

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