not for the faint hearted

I work in a group called the Structural Informatics Group. Most of the function of the group is actually modeling the human anatomy and generating 3D computer graphics usable for further scientific inquiry, problem solving, and education. (I’m the odd-ball in the group.) People have gotten used to looking at purple, green, icy blue, colored organs with the understanding that generating a realistic 3D anatomical part of the human body is not easy. Having something that model the reality and being useful is of course the priority. I had never expected to see this! Michael Bengtsson created a 3D image of the heart, with the use of photoshop and some photographs, and created a 3D model in Maya (see the wire frame). This is just absolutely stunning and beautiful that I can just cry looking at it. Excellent work. (keep reading for image)

Graphic Credit Michael Bengtsson

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