when you least expected…


Nhi was one of my best friends from my Shoreline Community College days. Well, she was actually girlfriend of a friend of mine. When they broke up, I took her side and we became good friends. She is beautiful, kind, intelligent, and super sweet. I always thought it’d be hard for her to find a good Vietnamese boy because she’s too good. But, it’s not impossible. She got engaged in Seattle last weekend. She told me her story of meeting her fiance. They met at some engagement party. They had met years ago in USC but she wasn’t available then. Her fiance Nguyen waited all these years for her to become available again. (I know, sounds like a hopeless love story.) She said she had given up on dating, really disappointed with not meeting the right people all the time. She said, “Hao, you will find that special someone when you least expected it.” OK, I know… it should be when you have the least expectations. What’s the point? The point is that Nhi is hitched! Congratulations, girl! You gave me hope and I’m not jaded about romance, and never will.

KMG_1185 KMG_1188 KMG_1194 KMG_1202

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