old family portrait

mt rainier 2 sepia
I recently submitted my Vietnam War Memorial photograph to the Museum of Chinese American for their upcoming Maya Lin exhibit. The contest coordinator asked me to send her a photograph of my family in Seattle as a companion to the submission. After quite a bit of work on my parents part, we decided on this photo of us on Mt Rainier from eight years ago. It was a very young family of only a year old after Mom and Patrick married. The picture got me thinking about how the portrait of my family has changed over the years. It has been twenty years since my first family sat under the same roof. Family is no longer only connected biologically. Family has shrunken at one point and then expanded. Family has moved apart geographically. Family has regrouped and expanded in various ways. I’m very lucky that I’ve always had some form of family that nourished me. I’ve turned out to be a happy and normal adult. I ponder what makes a real family and how to build a strong and stable family of my own some day.


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One thought on “old family portrait

  1. It seems like you value your family like me although, we are very close-knit family with everyone living not far from each other. Also, we all go to the same church that is all 14. In this time that we live in, I am glad to see that somebody else values their family like I do.

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