A Stroll in Discovery Park


No matter how long I’ve lived in Seattle, no matter how many times I’ve walked down the same streets in Downtown, the same park trails, looked out my windows to see the same city scape and Lake Union, I am always in awe of the beauty that surrounds me. It seemed that everyone’s out of town for Memorial Day weekend, which makes it perfect to stay in town and explore. Discovery Park is just the perfect place to be where you are amongst nature but actually still well within the city limits. I went crazy taking pictures of the leaves. They were of my favorite shades, deliciously vibrant.
KMG_0989 KMG_0973

KMG_0944 KMG_0978 KMG_0964

I used the lensbaby for quite a few shots. Of course, never miss out on my favorite dandelions. Taking macro with the lens was challenging but always worth the patience. The meadow in the park was beautiful, patches of colors here and there, attracting humming birds, bees, and lingering photographers.


KMG_1009 KMG_1013

The final destination was the beach. It wasn’t a very sunny day, but just perfect to get a tan without getting burned. Yes, I forgot sunscreen again. Kids ran about the beach in their swim suits already. Someone had set up a large teeter-totter with drift woods. I built a tiny driftwood sculpture of camp fire. KMG_1034

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