wrap #2


When I came home from DC on Monday night, I was super exhausted from traveling and lack of sleep. I missed home food. So I prepared a quick crepe batter for breakfast before going to bed. I left the batter in the blender thinking I could use it to blend it up again without having to make that extra transfer. In a stupor the next morning, I turned the blender on, and there was this really sharp cracking sound and batter splattered all over my kitchen cabinets. It took me a few minutes to realize that I had left my measuring cup in the batter the night before. The measuring cup was fine since it was made of a very strong steel, but it broke the blades off of my black and decker. It’s really sad because I love using the blender for making all the great cream of mushroom, artichoke soup amongst other great smoothies.
Anyways, I spent breakfast time cleaning up the kitchen mess. I finally manage to make myself a crepe dinner later that day. The filling was ham and mango with basil. Strange but yum! The dessert filling was mango with creme frache. I’m really pleased with the result, especially the crispy edges on the crepes. Some kind of sauce might make it even better.

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