Una Bella Tazza Di Caffe

Why have I not heard? Cafe Vivace opened a second location across the street from REI @ Alley 24. It’s been almost a year already. I am so excited because this one is relatively more convenient than the Capitol Hill location. And Vivace is my favorite cafe. Great coffee, latte art, friendly people, somewhat eclectic in style, and most importantly, best coffee roast. I used to mail order coffee from them when I lived in CA. Actually, there were so many more reason to be excited about it. It’s posh, modern, and great in its use of design space.


I was greeted by a huge Vivace tile emblem on the ground the moment I stepped in. The large open space, airy, and warm in earthy rusty tone, with tall windows immediately drew me in. I ordered my decaf Americano (my third coffee of the day), while enjoying the polished and richly colored marble counter top, the cookie jars, the coffee samples, and of course, the shiny espresso machine.
KMG_0919[2] KMG_0915[1] KMG_0922[1] KMG_0921[1]

I thought the cafe was just plain’ol too large especially shamefully unoccupied on such a nice sunny evening. What happened? I secretly crossed my fingers hoping it doesn’t disappear. It wasn’t until I was done taking pictures did I realize the space was large enough to welcome a larger number of customers without feeling crowded, giving privacy between the patrons. What drew my eye first was of course the wall sized Italian oil painting, which immediately defines a sense of class for Vivace. I never cared much for it except it add a beautiful color. What differed for this Vivace is that the designer had sectioned off the oil painting area with a couple of Italian couches and a coffee table. So it’s a cozy meeting space for a moderate small group up to 6 people.
KMG_0924[1] KMG_0910[2] KMG_0912[1] KMG_0905[1] KMG_0927[2]

There was another small group sitting area which looks like it’s made for families with kids. It had a small children’s play table with some crayons. The rest of the cafe is more open with some but not a lot of small tables fitted into various corners. There were beautiful marble-top window bar seats all along the large windows. The patio seats looked especially inviting on this particular sunny day. Last but not the least was a completely sectioned off room for people that prefer a quieter environment.

I hope I had just sampled one of the low days when everyone decided to hit the beach. This is a great success for Vivace if the business is good. It’s definitely got more parking options. This is perhaps one of the first few buesiness that will attract more walking traffic to turn this REI area into a real neighborhood.

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One thought on “Una Bella Tazza Di Caffe

  1. I was showing the Vivace pictures to the baristas at Vivace today. They loved the picture of the old espresso machine in the small room. They told me that it used to sit outside last week, but someone tried to steal it in a duffel bag on Sunday. It was a really busy day. The guy had gotten it in a bag and walked out of the cafe when one of the customers stopped him. He dropped the bag and ran. The machine is now strategically placed in a harder to reach place but still on display.

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