Traveling Shanghai

Shanghai is one of my favorite cities in China. It’s the Pearl of the East without boasting. I think of it as the NYC of China. The architecture, whether old or new, is grand with style. The city is full of life whether day or night. The water tastes the worst in the country but it doesn’t have any trouble attracting a very diverse population of people from all corners of China. It’s the place you want to be for a good combination of economic and cultural experience. Within a short drive, you can experience beautiful sceneries like the best gardens in Su Zhou, famous Eastern Venice city Zhou Zhuang, Tai Mountain, etc. Last but not the least, Shanghai has the best steamed buns in the country.

CRW_5682_RJ CRW_5693_RJ CRW_8620_RJ

Camera update: My baby camera is on its way home. It won’t make it to tomorrow’s Windermere Cup unfortunately.

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