Phil Borges Lecture at UW

Phil Borges’s talk on TED

I went to Phil Borges‘s lecture tonight. He recently had published his photographic work called Women Empowered. His pictures captured me but I also really wanted to ask him why he chooses to color the pictures cool tone with the exception of the person’s skin color, which is warm. (I was kind of disappointed when he said he just does it b/c they look good and that was his style.) The talk was much more than what I had asked for. He told stories of the people in the pictures. He travels around the world to cultures that are dying. He shares stories of ancient remedy to settle dirt out of water instantly with a stir of a plant root. He told stories about an ethiopian woman who stopped female circumcision. … Pictures have meanings, they convey stories, transcend emotions, empathy, ideas. That’s something I’ve always believed very strongly about.

He talked about using these media as ways to bridge people of diverse cultures together. They tell stories of women heroes that have made significant changes in their communities. He then introduced his Bridges program, which is a world wide mentoring program for school aged kids, indigenous kids, teaching them how to use cameras, photoshop, writing, so that they can tell their own stories and issues in their own communities, through which they can bring about changes and pride. I am now really excited to find out what about what he’s doing. When I graduate, I want to become a mentor for the program.

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