quirky bleh


The name of the restaurant is actually Bleu, located in Capitol Hill, but calling it quirky bleh is not an exaggeration. The place looks really quaint on the outside, but upon entering, I thought I had been dropped into an alternate world. The interior was really dark, lit by strange assortment of Mexican pepper chain lights. I followed the waiter to the seat not by sight without being able to see anything on the floor, before I could get my eyes adjusted to the darkness. The restaurant had a small bar, and lots these hobbit-hole like half booths along side of the walls. The booths have curtains that you can draw so that you get lots of privacy. The menu of this little restaurant was thick, with lots of cocktail drinks. The food menu was really strange, too, with some Mexican, Asian, European twist on everything. The names were often spelled wrong. I thought it was because they couldn’t spell, but it became obvious when the food arrived. They are look alike, taste alike, or nothing alike what the names say. So don’t expect what you think you are going to get. Tiny plates were piled high with so much food that I couldn’t figure out the shape or form. Luckily, they actually tasted more than half decent most of the time. I had a “quesadia” with pair and blue cheese. And on the far side of the picture is wasabi tofu on toast, but I can’t remember the name any more. It tasted ok but nothing about it tasted like wasabi.

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