wiredness test

I’ve been using stabilize.net for online image processing for ages. Recently, there have been a number of online image process sites popping up. See comparison table here. Today, I tried a new member to the family, wiredness. Here’s is what I did and a few pros and cons that I gathered from my 5 minute of test.

I imported a photo from my flickr which is underexposed into wiredness. I used the “underexposed” tool a couple of times and then applied grayscale. I then “uploaded” the finished picture back to flickr via an email through wiredness since flickr supports email upload.

1. Can retrieve images from desktop or by URL.
2. Has a good set of commonly used image processing such as brightness control, sharpening, resizing, red eye correction, a small number of image effects such as polaroid.
3. It has a set of unexpected features such as adding text to the image, shape image, and zoom.
4. save image to Glowfoto.com or ImageShack.us directly. Or send to an email address.

1. One image at a time processing
2. Doesn’t support history for image processing
3. Still a fairly limited set of image processing. I would like to an auto-leveling tool.
4. No support for image histogram. (yet again, most ppl don’t care)
5. Image tagging and notes.
6. Even though I could email it to my flickr account, but it’s still a hassle to get the email address from flickr to send to. The work multiples if I have a batch of photos.

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