Performance pictures

The performance pictures are finally out. I stayed up all night and updated Some of the pictures are really good. Unfortunately, the photographer isn’t a dancer, so he sometimes missed the timing by just a bit, resulting in somewhat embarrassing shots.

Like this one, if only he had waited for another 5 seconds, I would’ve finished my pose with the raised arm imitating an eagle’s beak. /sigh/ This is by far my favorite dance performed on stage.

070309z_202_hengda_std 070309z_205_hengda_std

As usual, I can tell you exactly what I don’t like about each one with my overly critical eye. hahahhahhaa marsha and David look really adorable in this one. They have that chemistry on stage.

070309z_510_hengda_std 070309z_508_hengda_std

What I admire Marsha is the most aside from her dance talent is her ability to express such rich emotions on stage. She’s the drama queen of us three.

Clarie showed off her strong technical skill, grace, and really toned arms on stage. She always stretches me and inspires me to do better. I really hope we get to do our dances again someday.

070309z_465_hengda_std 070309z_634_hengda_std

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